What my clients say

Final considerations

There is no doubt the results are broadly positive. Although it was possible to leave specific comments on almost every question, only two clients wrote something, making only general comments:

“I am very satisfied: Michael is extremely professional, serious, competent and precise. It is a pleasure to work with him.”
“My opinion is very positive, both of the person and the service.”

what clients say
It is natural to suspect that not completing the questionnaire is in itself a statement of dissatisfaction with the service. However we must take natural client attrition into account, not to mention the fact that several clients who did not complete the form sent new jobs after the close of the survey. Clearly I cannot say for sure that no one decided not to complete the form in order to show their dissatisfaction, but no one chose to complain when they received the survey announcement, which it would be natural to expect if they were completely dissatisfied.

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