Do translators use machine translation and if so, how?

Many academic publications seem to assume that the most natural way to include machine translation in a translator’s workflow is through machine translation post-editing (MTPE). As a translator myself, I know that this is by no means the only way a translator can use machine translation during their work. I am also aware that some professional translators do not use machine translation at all for various reasons.

To gain insight into the proportion of translators that use machine translation and the various ways they do, I have set up a survey. The total number of questions you have to answer varies according to the answers you give to the first questions, but on average you will probably not have to answer more than about 24 mainly closed-ended questions. The survey is anonymous, but your IP address is recorded to prevent multiple submissions by the same person.

Feel free to invite other professional translators you know to complete this survey, either directly or by asking any professional associations you are a member of to share it, but please do not post it in public groups or on social media. The survey is scheduled to close on 21 October 2022.


I intend to use the results of the survey to write and publish a paper, which I hope to present at one or more conferences. If you would like to receive a link to a free copy of the paper when it is ready and hear about any conferences that agree to let me report the results, please complete the form below even if you do not take the survey. Besides being a professional translator, I also lecture at the IULM University in Milan and consequently intend to include data from the survey in my courses.

I would also appreciate it if you let me know about any similar publications, articles or papers you know about on how translators actually use machine translation in their workflow (optional).

I will destroy the data you send using the form below twelve months after the paper is published.

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