Translation and Language Consultancy

Italian>English Translation Services



When simple translation is not enough, for instance when Italian advertising copy, a press release or marketing materials need rewriting and adapting into English.

High Quality Translation

Top-notch, clear, elegant prose that reads as if it had been written in English right from the outset.

The translation process entails a whole series of tasks that only someone with suitable qualifications and several years of experience is able to carry out correctly

Draft-Quality Translation

A rough and ready rendering, good enough for use in-house, but not up to scratch for publication.

An internal memo on travel arrangements for an upcoming trade fair does not have to read like a masterpiece of contemporary English literature, but it does have to make sense. This is when a draft-quality translation might be enough. Some parts may not be the epitome of elegance, some terms may be more functional than precise, but if that is all you need why pay more (and wait longer)?
Many language service providers supply draft-quality translation as standard. Beware when comparing quotes!

Summary Translation

Why translate the whole thing when you only need to convey the essence in a nutshell?

Just send the full Italian text and I will summarize it for you in English.


If you have a poor or draft-quality translation, or something written in awkward English or utter Itanglish, I can put it right for you.

The service required depends on what it takes to do the job:

  • Proofreading/correction of typographical errors.
  • Editing/minor alterations.
  • Substantial rewording. In this case it makes more sense to retranslate the original Italian text, if you have it.

English Language Consultancy

Language consultants are more than just simple translators. They follow all your language problems and help find the right solutions for you.

If you need other English language services, such as negotiation interpreting, presentations in English at exhibition stands or phone calls on your behalf to English speaking customers or colleagues, just contact me.