What my clients say

“I am very satisfied: Michael is extremely professional, serious, competent and precise. It is a pleasure to work with him.”
“My opinion is very positive, both of the person and the service.”

what clients say

Client Satisfaction Survey

On 13 October 2011, I emailed an online client satisfaction questionnaire to the 39 Italian clients that had given me at least one translation job since 1 January 2009. The aim of the survey was to see if I needed to do anything to bring my services more into line with my clients’ needs. Each client was asked to complete the form and express their opinions freely. Fifteen clients took part (38.5%), who together accounted for 73.2% of my translation income in the period covered by the survey. One client (2.6%) sent a message expressing their satisfaction with the service without completing the questionnaire, while another (2.6%) said they had completed the form, which, however, never arrived, perhaps due to technical problems. The questionnaire consisted of:

  1. A few identity questions, where respondents gave the name of the company they worked for, their own name and their role or function within the company.
  2. Three general curiosity questions.
  3. Eight questions to explore the clients’ perception of the service.
Part I – Personal Data

A Designer, a Marketing and Communications Officer, a Chairman, a Chief Executive Officer, a Medical Affairs Officer, a Financial Reporting Manager, a Corporate Product Manager, a Marketing Production Manager, a Company Owner, a General Manager, a Director, a Managing Director and a Freelance Scientific Journalist and Photographer completed the form.

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