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The truth about transcreation

Michael Farrell sets about establishing what transcreation actually involves by analysing how it differs from other language services, such as localization and traditional translation, and provides a little background and history of the term. He then goes on to perform a Gedankenexperiment to look at what the layman, including potential clients, might think transcreation actually is. Primarily, however, the main purpose of the presentation is to unmask the closet transcreators among the attendees through a group therapy approach and encourage them to admit publicly to their repressed true nature in the interest of their health, well-being, and possibly even their bank balances.

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Translators need CVs like fish need bicycles

Watch a video of the introduction

Hordes of budding young translators arrive fresh on the market each year and inundate potential clients with their carefully written curricula vitae, often in that newfangled Europass format. Even some established professionals regularly do mail shots with their painstakingly designed CVs, perhaps after attending costly workshops on how to write a killer curriculum vitae. But is this the right way to land freelance projects?
The speaker will attempt to persuade attendees not only that CVs are totally the wrong tool for the job, but are actually harmful.
Freelancers are – in reality – one-person language service providers and, as such, they should sell themselves, sing their own praises and promote their businesses. They should therefore be using marketing materials to advertise their services.

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