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Solving Terminology Problems More Quickly with IntelliWebSearch

56th annual conference of the American Translators AssociationWithout a time-saving tool, checking terms entails copying words to your Windows clipboard repeatedly, opening your browser, opening the most appropriate online resources, pasting terms into search boxes, setting search parameters, clicking search buttons, analysing results, copying the best solutions back to the clipboard, and then returning to your working environment and pasting in the results. This session examines some typical search problems translators face, looks at how they can be solved with a touch of “search engine theory,” and explains how IntelliWebSearch can be used to save settings and perform searches literally at the press of a keyboard shortcut.

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Client Satisfaction Surveys for Freelance Translators

During an unusually slow period, the speaker sent out a satisfaction questionnaire with the goal of bringing his services more in line with his clients’ requirements. The research he conducted on this type of survey to choose the right questions to ask gave him a totally new perspective on how his clients perceive the quality of his services.

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