Mediterranean Editors and Translators, METM Revisited, online

Mediterranean Editors and Translators, METM Revisited, online

The conspicuous translator

at METM Revisited

Is it ever our moral duty to stick out like a sore thumb?

Virtually all professional translators are told at some point in their career that they should strive to be invisible in order to produce faithful renditions, and some theorists even go as far as considering translator’s notes to be a sign of defeat. However, the speaker believes that there are some circumstances when the best way to remain invisible in the eyes of the reader is actually to go beyond a simple note and ask the author straight out to consider rewriting the original to fit the translation.

Michael Farrell is primarily a freelance translator and transcreator. Over the years he has acquired experience in the cultural tourism field and in transcreating advertising copy and press releases, chiefly for the promotion of technology products. Besides this, he is also an untenured lecturer in post-editing, machine translation and computer tools for translators at the International University of Languages and Media (IULM), Milan, Italy, the developer of the terminology search tool IntelliWebSearch, a qualified member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI) and a member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators.

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