School of Advanced Technologies for Translators 2019, Milan, Italy

School of Advanced Technologies for Translators 2019, Milan, Italy

Half-day practical course on post-editing

After looking at various standard industry guidelines for light and full post-editing, half the attendees will translate short texts from various languages into English or vice versa and the other half will full-post-edit machine-translated versions of the same texts. The two groups will then come together in pairs according to language combination to compare the results, along with the speaker, both in terms of productivity increase and overall quality.

In the second part of the Lab, all the attendees will receive a machine-translated text to post-edit from Italian or Spanish into English, or vice versa. While they are doing so, they will also be asked to use any knowledge they may have of how machine translation works to attempt a preliminary categorization of the errors they find. The speaker will then present an analysis of the errors in the raw outputs, as well as other typical errors which occur, in order to provide practical tips for post-editors. Most of the error types analysed are language-independent and attendees who do not normally work with Spanish or Italian but are familiar with a Neo-Latin language are still likely to find the practical exercise useful.

Michael Farrell is primarily a freelance translator and transcreator. Over the years he has acquired experience in the cultural tourism field and in transcreating advertising copy and press releases, chiefly for the promotion of technology products. Besides this, he is also an untenured lecturer in post-editing, machine translation and computer tools for translators at the International University of Languages and Media (IULM), Milan, Italy, the developer of the terminology search tool IntelliWebSearch, a qualified member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI) and a member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators.

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